[X3D-Public] current level of x3d support in x3dom

Russ Kinter pyth7 at verizon.net
Sun Aug 7 09:21:43 PDT 2011

Doesn't ANYONE on this list feel uncomfortable with the fact these kinds of
questions were asked way back in 1997? 
It's like Peter Pan syndrome on a mass scale. 
The "kid" living in the parent's basement (party on Garth!) that keeps
coming up with great plans that never quite reach fruition.

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> Could anyone point me to a document discussing which features of x3d
> are currently supported by x3dom?  I'm particularly interested in
> Billboard, Lineset, and 2D geometry shapes.  At the moment I can't get
> any of the listed to work and I'd like to confirm that this is due to
> missing support rather than issues in my markup.
> Thanks
> D.
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