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Hello Lola,

We have office buildings in which to place your rooms at 
officetowers.com. This is a long standing virtual world
and we would be happy to do this for you. Your MU users
would simply go to the city, find the building you are in
and be able to do whatever business privately via text 
chat thanks to the X3Daemon MU server. Please let me know 
how that sounds to you. You can use this for free with 
generic userid's. We only charge for customized userid's. 
You'll find everything you need to know at


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>Hi all,
>I am a student currently working on a X3D environment
>which I would like to make multi-user. I tried to use
>BS Collaborate but I found out that I can not use it
>online without buying. Also the ABNet server is not
>available for download at the moment. The link to the
>scene is virtualscim.com/web_documents/recept.x3d. I
>would really appreciate your assistance.
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