[X3D-Public] starting with x3dom: no nodes displayed

Yvonne Jung yjung at igd.fhg.de
Sat Aug 6 02:50:15 PDT 2011


you're using self-closing tags (e.g. <Viewpoint/>) which (in contrast to
xhtml) are not allowed in html. Instead you must e.g. write:

Hope this helps

Am Sa, 6.08.2011, 11:33, schrieb Lars O. Grobe:
> Hi all,
> I am currently investigating how to integrate some 3d content into some
> websites I am maintaining. As these are ment for visitors sporadically
> viewing 3d content, x3dom seams to be a great solution not requiring
> special plugins.
> For a start, I copied over several examples to my web-server. For
> unknown reasons though, the canvas stays empty. I tried to reference
> local copies of the css and js files as well as to link to the original
> locations, both did not work. Is there anything else to obey such as
> permissions, any specific apache settings (I am on apache2), encoding
> issues?
> The files I tried are all in http://static.larsgrobe.de/x3d/
> so if anyone want to try...?
> Thank you, cheers, Lars.
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