[X3D-Public] X3D HTML5 group meeting minutes, February 9, 2010

John A. Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Thu Feb 11 06:18:29 PST 2010

What: 		Web3D HTML5 meeting February 09, 2010
present: 		John Stewart, Johannes Behr, Joe Williams, Don Brutzman,  
Anita Havelle, Leonard Daly.

Web page: 	http://www.web3d.org/x3d/wiki/index.php/X3D_and_HTML5

1) Joe Williams and test models.

Joe: Some interesting issues with regards to DOM routing. In SAI  
(internal or external)- we get a context, and can batch ROUTE  
cascades, and they will all be executed with the same time stamp. With  
DOM interaction, how are events cascaded?

This is the same as how SVG works - you pull the context out and you  
work on it.

John: what issues do you see for X3D HTML5 interaction?

Joe: <object> tag - no issues.

Johannes; still don't know how the SAI interface would look like in  
DOM implementation. Currently do not expose the SAI on DOM in our  
X3DOM implementation. Right now effort is being spent on changing  
field values using SAI field accesor method. It is still a good  
question as to how one accesses elements in <inline> nodes.  X3DOM  
performs  updates on DOM tree by using an additional interface.

Johannes: Good question is to how synchronization works; do they all  
occur at the same time or at an individual specific time?

Joe DOM does not have timestamp concept built in.

2) Hiperia 3D Interview;

John: The Hiperia3D interview is complete; it will be on-line when  
Jordi Cardona formats and uploads it.

3) HTML5 emails to chairs concerning bug 8238 and progress forward.

Don - no responses received yet from HTML5 chairs.

Johannes - what is our strategy - can we get something in the spec  
should Decentralized Extensibility be chosen that indicates that X3D  
is a preferred 3D Scenegraph?

Don - The HTML5 group are trying to get a document out; they are most  
likely too pre-occupied to have responded to our questions.

Johannes; 3 possible options;

    a) What we had before; (plugin mechanism)
    b) decentralized mechansim;
   c) centralized mechanism is best.

Don: an April FTF for the HTML5 group is plausable.

4) Don - hoping for simple example of SAI and DOM. User types in how  
fast "hello world X3d" spins example.

Johannes - X3DOM tests has something similar, push button and changes  

5) Fallback Mechanism.

John: Placed Johannes' chart on-line on open wiki for this group.

Johannes: - it would be nice to have one browser run a native  
implementation to allow comparison with the X3DOM code.

Johannes: fallback mechanism.  Assuming X3DOM installed, and FreeWRL  
installable for HTML5; will run javascript X3DOM if FreeWRL not  
installed. If FreeWRL is installed, will run FreeWRL first, as it  
should run faster.

4) ARIA.

Topic not discussed this week.

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