[X3D-Public] HTML5 X3D Working Group Minutes, February 2 2010

John A. Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Thu Feb 4 06:43:37 PST 2010

What:        Web3D HTML5 meeting February 2 2010
présent:    Don Brutzman, Joe Williams, Johannes Behr, Anita Havele,  
John Stewart

1) Comments on bug 8238

indicate a process or communications issue between the Web3D and the  
W3C HTML5 working groups.

Don - Note that Bug 8238 questions which vendors are interested in  
implementing X3D to which HTML browser?

Don - We had assumed that we would be able to supply an X3D open  
source library and javascript solutions; Should we put a specific  
codebase on it?

Johannes, John: No, just that we are able to provide WebKit and  
Minefield implementations because these are open-source HTML browsers,  
what closed browser implementers decide to do is up to them.

Johannes - The most important point is to integrate into DOM; at the  
end it does not matter what the rendering system is.

Johannes - need a path that shows how development goes over he next  
few years, because right now nobody has X3D. We don't have the path -  
we need intermediate systems that lives for one or two years that  
picks wisely the implementation at runtime. The user does not care,  
internally the browser uses whatever x3d implementation it wishes.

John, Joe - What X3D profiles should we push for HTML5 integration?

Johannes- here is an outline of a profile that the X3DOM team is  


which has no scripting, for instance.

Here is the text of Don Brutzman's email to the HTML5 WG co-chairs:

Don Brutzman formulated the following email, and has sent it to the  

	"In response to the November TPAC meeting's plenary debate, an HTML5
	working group presentation and subsequent guidance discussions,
	the X3D working group has produced a detailed response describing
	how X3D can be part of HTML5 as part of centralized extensibility,
	similar to SVG and MathML.

	The response document _HTML5 Recommendation Additions for X3D_ is  
online at

	Comments and amplifying information are available at

	Should the HTML5 working group choose to not proceed with further
	centralized extensibility, we remain interested in showing
	proper decentralized extensibility for X3D in HTML5.

	We are also prepared to extend current UA implementations to add
	open-source solutions for native rendering of X3D scenes in
	compound documents.  Details at

	So now we are seeking guidance regarding how to best proceed.  There
	has been little discussion of our proposal on the HTML5 list.  Should
	this be raised as an ISSUE?  Would you like us available on one or more
	weekly teleconferences, or private discussions?

	Thanks for your many efforts and for considering this formal request."

2) Joe - possible Santa Clara TPAC soon again? There is discussion on  
the HTML5 WG about a possible Face to face meeting.

3) Fallback mechanisms - how does an HTML browser decide which X3D  
library to use?

Johannes - fallback system drawing done -  will send it around.

4) Don - examine Joes examples in next week.

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