[X3D-Public] Minutes: X3D-HTML5 Working Group Nov 17 2009

John A. Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Wed Nov 18 12:09:38 PST 2009

What: 		Web3D HTML5 meeting November 17 2009
present: 		John Stewart, Joe Williams,Johannes Behr, Don Brutzman,  
Anita Havelle.

Web page: 	http://www.web3d.org/x3d/wiki/index.php/X3D_and_HTML5

1) ACTION: Anita - will send out the message outlining what we did at  
the TPAC. Will pass this through us for verification before it is sent  
to all the X3D lists.

2) W3C Bug 8238: competing 3D model serializations.


JohnS: Sent a request to Maciej Stachowiak (W3C) requesting  
clarification on what he meant by:

"Tentatively, I would not be in favor of an X3D-specific mechanism in  
the parser. X3D is not supported directly by UAs, and it's not clear  
if it ever will be (since there are competing 3D model serializations  
with similar or greater levels of traction)."


"... But it doesn't make me, as a UA implementor, feel more motivated  
to add built-in parsing complexity for a feature to be implemented by  
third-part code."

So far, no response from Maciej.

3) W3C Bug 8238: Sam Ruby and list of X3D Elements and Attributes.


This list contains abstract types, MF and SF enumerations, and other  
keywords that need not be captured by HTML5.

ACTION - Don - will autogenerate element and attribute lists from the  
schema and send it along to the HTML5 wg, in response to bug 8238.

4) Case independent encoding of X3D.

Question: Should we have an encoding that closely matches HTML5?

If we do, HTML5 content model -  our goal would be that if we have an  
all lower case encoding that a parser that reads in a relaxed parsing  
mode, we would promote the capitalization for the DOM model interaction.

Noted that in X3D, there are no ambiguities created by ignoring case;  
eg, there are no conflicts for "Interpolator" and "interpolator".

Also noted that HTML5, case does not matter, but the DOM is case  

ACTION: All - do we relax case on xml parsing in general. (background  
- html5 is case insensitive; can we cut and paste)

ACTION: Johannes - x3dom.org, make parser relaxed in terms of case  

5) General access to HTML5 group minutes.

The minutes are sent to members of this group, and to the public-x3d  
mailing list. They are also archived to the Web3D internal archives,  
but should be easily located by the general public.

ACTION: JohnS - add wiki section, and add hypermail links to minutes.


NEXT WEEK:  We should look into the Void element (comment 6 in bug 8238)
hint: only contained content in any element is javascript code in a  
script node (Shaders, too)

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