Member Benefits

The Web3D Consortium strives to provide great benefits to it members in the area of 3D computer graphics standards. Web3D Consortium membership is fully open to industry, government agencies, academia and individual professionals. Members collaboratively develop the Consortium’s standard X3D and tools making them widely adopted across diverse markets. Through over two decades of work X3D is recognized world-wide as the only international standard for the communication of 3D scenes in multiple applications. Offering robust ISO standardized 3D functionality and long-term stability for enterprise solutions and interoperability with other 3D standards. 3D models from the time of the first release (1997) are still viewable using current standards-compliant applications. You can help drive the evolution of 3D graphics on the Web.  Join the Web3D Consortium today!

The Consortium provides benefits to members in the areas of:

  • Member Access
    There are great opportunities to network and collaborate with leading Web3D experts. The Consortium is a member-driven organization involved in many technical initiatives across the 3D value chain. We are a member-funded industry consortium and work closely with the ISO, MPEG and have active projects with OGC, DICOM, IMS, KHRONOS and W3C standardization bodies to maximize market opportunities for our membership.
  • Working Group Participation
    All members may join Working Groups where they have an opportunity to actively participate and contribute towards the development of the specification and get early access to the specification under developmentAll Web3D standardization efforts are part of our Working Group efforts.  All decisions are consensus based, receiving both Member and community review. Working Group Practices.
  • Speaking Opportunities
    The Consortium frequently invites members to present at conferences, pannels, and forums to highlight their work in support of Consortium goals and objectives. The audience is other professionals in the field representing industry, government, and the press.
  • Joint Marketing Initiatives
    The Consortium markets its products (specifications) and includes work by its members in press releases, newsletters, website, public forums, and other distribution channels. The Consortium attends several trade shows every year - booth partnerships are available only to members.
  • Opportunities for  Consortium Leadership
    The Board of Directors provides leadership and direction to the Consortium. Any member can be a candidate for a seat on the Board. These are highly visible positions within the computer graphics and standards communities for the individual and the organization.

You can help drive the evolution of 3D graphics on the Web.  Join the Web3D Consortium today!