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Humanoid animation (H-Anim) — Part 1: Architecture

1 Scope

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This part of ISO/IEC 19774, specifies:

  1. a means of association motion from captured motion data with H-Anim characters;
  2.  a means of generating motion of H-Anim characters using 3D scanner data;
  3.  a means of generating motion using a general motion definition such as keyframe, interpolation, kinematics, and dynamics for H-Anim characters;
  4.  a method for transferring or exchanging motion between different H-Anim characters;
  5.  a specification of a motion data interface for including motion data;
  6.  a specification of functionality for motion viewers;
  7.  a specification of interoperable human behaviour prototypes;
  8.  a specification of a recording interface for human motion;

This part of ISO/IEC 19774 specifies a standard model for humanoid animation motion interfaces.

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